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Getting to Know Authors on Twitter

Seeking answers to the question “Why tweet?” Up until the time I opened my own Twitter account, @dcPriya, I couldn’t understand why in the world anyone needed this global email in IM form. What could it possibly do that wasn’t already covered by existing technology? Mea culpa: I get it now. Each day, I find it fascinating to spend time absorbing the ideas, advice, warnings, and news shared through the Twitterverse.  Below, I have listed some of my favorite tweets…

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Selling eBooks in a Global Marketplace

Modern settlers are not trudging through endless fields, or scaling virgin peaks, or building houses from materials hewn entirely by their own hands. There is no wagon train filled with pioneer men and women, babes in arms, being jostled about for weeks or months on end, in a desperate quest for new horizons. No longer are there patches of land in America free for the taking, if only you will plant your roots in the soil, and raise your family,…

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Doers And Wimps

As part of my (painfully) slow going exploration of Facebook, I recently posted a poll on my author page. I figured I would get a feel for how the poll feature works, collect some usable information, compare that information to my publishing plan, and tweet about the whole thing. According to the weekly statistics email I received from Facebook yesterday, 153 people clicked into the poll. Two responded.  (Sigh.)  Everyone has to start somewhere. For example, for years, right up…

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Starting a Blog: Oh, Daddy!

Twelve weeks ago, I self-published my first short story collection, Love + Family.  I was downright giddy seeing my words, my characters, my happy endings right there on the screen of my very own Kindle. It was tough to tuck that euphoria aside and to settle myself back into business mode, but I had to do it. The journey was only beginning. This past spring, when I was developed my publishing plan, I decided to first launch Love + Family…

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