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Blogging: Too Much Information (TMI)

Over the past few years, I’ve come across an increasing number of posts from people who share a lot of private stories on their blogs.  I’m all grown up and I’ve lived a reasonably interesting life, yet I still find myself surprised when bloggers write personal, sensitive information that isn’t even about them—it’s about someone they know. When I set up my own blog last June, I was completely unaware that the coming summer would be a non-stop series of…

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Author Quotes from Twitter

Seeking answers to the question “Why tweet?” The only thing more exciting than watching the number of Twitter followers rise, is reading what they have to say. Below, I have listed the next installment of some of my favorite tweets from people I follow.  Each day, I find it fascinating to absorb the ideas, advice, warnings, and breaking news shared through the Twitterverse.  Enjoy… @SueCollier “‘Being an author is having angels whisper in your ear - and devils, too.’ ~Graycie…

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I Love You, America

Is it because of the parades and fireworks and Fourth of July celebrations my parents took me to as a kid? Or maybe the dozens upon dozens of weekend trips to historical sites and battlefields and museums my parents prioritized visiting when my brothers and I were young? Perhaps it's the beauty of our flag, the heart-swelling magic of our national anthem, or simply growing up in the land of the free that most influenced me to love you, America. The…

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