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Book Trailers: This is Fun!

Recently, I tweeted a request and asked authors with book trailers to please post the link here. Many thanks to the twenty authors who offered their book trailers for this post!

Isabel Hierro, Emma Meade, Lk Gardner-Griffie, Deborah Batterman, Micheal Rivers, Carolyn Smith, Rosanne E. Lortz, Candace Mountain, Pamela Turner, Iris Blobel, Christine Cunningham, Collette Scott, Wodke Hawkinson, Belinda G. Buchanan, Shalini Boland, Mark Edward Hall, Dennis L. Upkins, Nikki Duncan, and Elizabeth E. Wilder.

Want to design a book trailer the way the pros do? Get advice here.

Hope you enjoy watching these book trailers as much as I did. If you would like to share your own book trailer, please post the link in the comments section.


‘La Estrella’ Isabel Hierro

‘Night Sighs’ Emma Meade

‘Misfit McCabe’ LK Gardner-Griffie

‘The Black Witch’ Micheal Rivers

‘Home Sweet Texas Home’ Carolyn Smith

‘I Serve: A Novel of the Black Prince’ Rosanne E. Lortz

‘The Daughter of Man’ Candace Mountain

‘Death Sword’ Pamela Turner

‘Journey to her Dreams’ Iris Blobel

‘First Snow’ Christine Cunningham

‘If We Dare to Dream’ Collette Scott

‘Tangerine’ Wodke Hawkinson

‘The Monster Of Silver Creek’ Belinda G. Buchanan

‘The Haunting of Sam Cabot’ Mark Edward Hall

‘Hidden’ Shalini Boland

‘Hollowstone’ Denny Upkins

‘Sounds To Die By’ Nikki Duncan

‘The Spruce Gum Box’ Elizabeth E. Wilder

‘Marriages & Miscarriages’ Kathleen Smith

‘Shoes Hair Nails’ Deborah Batterman

Authors, if you have a book trailer, I hope you’ll share it by posting the link in the comments section below.

39 Comments on "Book Trailers: This is Fun!"

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  1. Thanks Ashley for hosting the trailers! All of them are very good with great music. Hollowstone was very appealing.

  2. Thank you so much Micheal, I truly appreciate the kind words.

    And thank you Ashley for featuring my trailer among so many excellent selections. I’m both honored and humbled.

  3. O. G. Tomes says:

    Dear Ashley,
    Thank you so much for allowing me to post my book trailers here as well. You are doing an amazing job here!
    There are three! “O.G. Tomes Presents:”
    No Harm to Charm Bk.1
    Test of Faith Bk.2
    Charms of the Sisterhood
    Again, many Thanks for this opportunity!

  4. Work at Home says:

    I’m looking for this info since a long time for my research work. now I’ve found it. thanks for sharing.

  5. Steph says:

    These were all fantastic and very inspiring. As well as authors, you guys are all incredibly visually creative. Well done!

  6. WordPotion says:

    Such a great topic 🙂
    Here is my trailer for “Poems from Another Realm”:

  7. Deborah says:

    The Daughter of Man, The Black Witch, Hollowstone were my favorites -simple, intriguing, haunting. A book trailer should evoke the emotion of the book so the reader can imagine the characters & scenery on their own. Book trailers are not mini movies.

    These are not necessarily books I would read, I just liked the way the trailers were formatted.

    A book trailer I like is A Familiar Rain.

  8. Deborah says:

    Just wanted to add that I looked at another of your websites about making book trailers and I loved the Middle School book trailer. Yes, there are pictures, people, background etc, BUT BUT BUT…..what I loved is that the children were reading portions of the book – and that is entirely different than making them the characters. This trailer can be viewed at

  9. Such a great link thanks!!!

  10. Hope Welsh says:

    Mine are on the blog the first post shows the two I made. I’d love some feedback on them

  11. Art is pictures straight from the heart. ~Ben, Los Cerros Middle School, 1999

  12. Thanks Ashley – these are some great examples! I really how creative these authors (or whoever designed their trailers) can demonstrate their stories. Although I am still very new to the fiction game, it seems to me that the music is a very important part of drawing people in. I was fortunate enough to get permission from one of my favorite bands to use one of their songs in the trailer for my forthcoming novel, ON TENTERHOOKS –

    I welcome any critiques or suggestions for improvement!

  13. Al Huda TV says:

    Unbelievable! beautiful article very informative

  14. I enjoyed watching these trailers. Thank you for this opportunity. Here’s my book trailers. “The Monkey Toy” >

    “Souls of the Desert” >

  15. aashton says:

    Very amazing tailer you have here.Thumbs up
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    Ashley Barron: Book Trailers: This is Fun!

  17. Hi, my book trailer for Crossroads Serenade is:


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