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Author Interview: Jason Scott Gleason

Bio: Jason Scott Gleason is a resident of Elkridge, Maryland, where he lives with his fiancé, her son, their cat, her bird, his snake, the other’s two lizards, and a couple of fish claimed by nobody. He was born in New Orleans, Louisiana, and raised in the small town of Mandeville. While not busy holding down a day job, he enjoys spending his free time writing, and can be found at the Maryland Renaissance Festival while it is in season.…

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When Priorities Change

My novel, AVA, was already in its fourth draft when I opened my social media accounts one year ago. As a result, I’ve had the luxury of channeling my time into building an online life, one filled with the kind of people who make it easy to forget about the clock. Now, I’m gearing up to write BONNER, the next novel in the Priya series. And what I’m finding, as I stare at my long lists, is that those days…

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A Path With A View

It is now five weeks since the ‘birth’ of AVA, and my world is upside down. The actions I’ve taken over the last year, the foundations I’ve patiently, diligently set are but a fraction of what is needed going forward. I had warning; I knew I was publishing AVA, and that doing so would require a few alterations. What I didn’t expect was just how much the structure of my writing life—processes, focus, communications, goals, daily patterns—would change overnight. I…

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