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Dear Smashwords, Part One

For the newly minted author, the process of bringing an e-book to readers can be daunting. You understand us, Smashwords, and the challenges we face as innocent, earnest, first-time storytellers.Is it because, unlike your competitors, you are one of us?Those other retailers have real value for us, the self-published authors, but they aren’t you. Some of them have primary allegiance to brick and mortar stores, or to a range of goods that far exceeds books, or to a history that…

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Sacrifice And The Writer

It might be the single hardest communication I’ve ever had to deliver, explaining to well-meaning people in my life that I’m on deadline, that my calendar is full, that my heart pounds a little bit harder in my chest as each new day draws me closer to the December release of my sequel, BONNER. For starters, the novel isn’t yet complete. When you consider that I just published AVA ten weeks ago, my timeline for this second novel in the…

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Blogging Email From Laura Howard

Earlier in the week, I received an email from my friend, Laura Howard, regarding ideas for increasing her blog traffic. The email exchange was interesting, and could be helpful to other new bloggers who are working to increase their social media presence, and to build a readership in advance of the release of a first novel.I asked Laura if I could share this conversation and she graciously agreed to let me do it. Here’s more about her:Bio: Laura Howard is…

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Realtors And The Self-Published Author

Realtors are some of the best networkers I’ve ever encountered. I’d like to point out that I come from D.C., the land of politicians, where if it isn’t about money, it’s about relationships. Realtors are still tops.Come to think of it, political candidates would do well to have their ground games in the hands of realtors. They understand messaging, sales, budgets, financing, teamwork, schedules, and organization. What’s more, realtors are in a heavily competitive industry that has a presence in…

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How To Make A Memory

We’ve all experienced it. That moment a song unexpectedly comes on the radio, or over a store’s speakers, and we are swiftly pulled back into a memory so strong we feel like travelers to the future when we snap back to the present.It has happened to me, many times in many places. I figure it’s the same for every person who has ever loved. I figure there is a song, perhaps more than one, playing in the background as we…

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