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Changing to a WordPress Blog

For months, I’ve been putting off changing over to a WordPress blog. Bad move on my part. My current blog, the one I started with, is through GoDaddy and uses their Quick BlogCast template. It was reasonably easy to set up, is remarkably affordable and, once I got into the rhythm of creating posts, became infinitely satisfying.My blog grew quickly, in posts, unique visitors, and number of hits. Good news for me. But growth always brings new challenges. Admittedly, I…

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Money, Self-Publishing, and Marketing Plans

Anyone who has ever launched a small business knows how tricky marketing plans can be. There are endless configurations for distributing a start-up’s meager capital resources and plentiful sweat equity. The challenge is in determining which steps to take when there is no company history to influence the direction of spending. In the end, every step forward by a business requires money – whether in cost of a product or service, industry membership, or in the form of salaries paid…

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