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The JeriWB Interview – 10 Questions


Click HERE to read the full interview on Jeri Walker-Bickett’s blog.

It pleases me to no end to post today’s tête-à-tête with author Ashley Barron. Early on, I quickly gravitated toward her tweets for many reasons, eventually leading to my review of her book where I discuss her uncanny ability. I’m sure this interview will lead you to appreciate Ashley’s work ethic, forthright nature, and talent.

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1. Please provide a brief synopsis of your book.

Politics and murder set the backdrop for a second chance at love in this debut novel by Ashley Barron. Ava blends the emotional impact of a love story with the pulse-pounding twists of a thriller.

Ava Arden has spent three years trying to move past the pain of a failed relationship. With her heart on ice, she channels all of her energy into her successful event-planning business, and into the lives of her best friends, the Priyas. Everything changes the day Kader Thornton, the man she walked away from, shows up in Washington, D.C. with a single goal: to win her back.

On the day of Kader’s return, Ava accidentally uncovers a secret that, if revealed, will expose a private battle for power at the highest levels of government. She soon finds herself hunted by an unseen enemy, one hiding among her friends. One who has already killed and is willing to kill again. When a trap is set for Ava, she walks right into it and disappears. For Kader, finding her is his only priority. But the Priyas, lifelong friends, each famous in her own right, find themselves trapped between helping in the search and protecting their own secrets.

2. Tell us a little bit about what motivates or inspires your writing.

The stories find me. It’s almost as if the characters are standing next to me, whispering in my ear, guiding me from one page to the next. Some days, when my fingers settle on my keyboard, I find myself meeting a new person, a new voice, even an entirely new story. These are my best days as a writer, the days when I don’t know what I’m writing until the frenzy has passed. There are moments when I read my words and wonder where they came from. Was it really from me? This happens most often with my short stories, which are deeply emotional and deeply personal, yet bear no resemblance to my own life.

On my own time, I wrote a lot stories, essays, and poems while in school. Once I entered the work force, I channeled that energy into learning as much as I could about the business world. The years went by until, one afternoon, I found myself writing the story of a woman who had grown up in my same town, in a life that was reasonably similar to my own in structure. It took time and patience for me to let this character, Ava Arden, dominate the page, and for me to take my own experiences out of the equation. Soon, I realized there were many more characters eager to have their stories told. For about a year, I simply let the words flow, let the ideas form on the page with as little conscious input from me as possible. At the end of that year, I knew…

Click HERE to continue reading the full interview on Jeri Walker-Bickett’s blog.

Author Jeri Walker-Bickett

Author Jeri Walker-Bickett

Jeri Walker-Bickett was born and raised in Wallace, Idaho, a rough and tumble mining town with a checkered past. The storytelling urge struck at a young age, but an undergraduate degree in writing led to a graduate degree in English education. Between living the scholarship-laden life of an academic bum, she did seasonal work in national parks. Jeri met her future husband in Yellowstone and they later married in Las Vegas. This phase in their lives sparked an obsession with food and travel. Fate has intervened to allow her to take time off from the classroom. Her forthcoming novel, Lost Girl Road, is a ghost story set in the woods of northwest Montana. She currently lives in North Carolina with her husband and their pets.

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