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A River Moves Forward by Selena Haskins


“A River Moves Forward” synopsis: Connie Morris grows up in Chicago’s Cabrini Green projects, and suffers abuse from her father. When tragedy strikes the family, Connie is “virtually” the last survivor, and ends up homeless until an unexpected hobby leads to fortune and fame. At the peak of her career, someone from her past tries to destroy everything she has worked hard for. Connie could possibly lose it all, including herself. On the other side of Chicago is Dean Wilson, a cocky police officer whose marriage ends tragically. Soon he meets Connie and the two fall in love, but when they learn their paths have crossed before, it sends them on an emotional ride that could prove to be too much. What happened in their past could possibly ruin their future or make their love strong enough to forgive and move forward.
Selena 2012
Bio: Selena Haskins is a native Washingtonian, and currently lives outside of DC with her family. Besides writing, she is a huge NBA basketball fan. She also loves music, reading, movies, and drawing. Her first published book, “A River Moves Forward,” evokes every human emotion, as it addresses the family dynamics, love and relationships, and issues of poverty, abuse, and race. The mix of uncertainty and the infusion of events come together like a well-pieced puzzle. Throughout the book are messages of hope, love and forgiveness. Her upcoming project will be a sequel tentatively titled, “Riding the Waves.”
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