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Free Book: What Squirrels Do: The Squirrel Olympics by Hazel Nutt

What Squirrels Do: The Squirrel Olympics is Book Two in the “What Squirrels Do” Series.

The Squirrel Olympics happen almost everyday at a wood near you and even on the washing line in your garden.

This childrens’ picture book takes a funny look at Olympic events that squirrels could do. There are traditional events that humans do and a few extra fun ones thrown into the mix to make it thoroughly entertaining and surprising.

This beautifully illustrated fun rhyming book is great to read with your child and you will enjoy it as well, making it become a firm favorite in your household.

This book gets the imagination going, as well as encouraging nature walks, where you can try and catch squirrels doing the Olympic events described in this book. Or maybe you can come up with new olympic events that squirrels (or other animals) might do when your back is turned.

Hazel Nutt Squirrel-Olympics-Cover-300x294

Download a free copy of What Squirrels Do: The Squirrel Olympics on on Saturday, March 16, 2013, and Sunday, March 17, 2013

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