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Storme by Bel Ravenne

Storme by Bel Ravenne

 Bel Ravenne Storme book cover

About Storme:

This is the story of two girls; ordinary, but with their own individual traits. Every girl has to express her individuality some way, and these two are no exception.

Maria is not afraid of growing up; she’s only concerned with how she’ll make her mother proud of her achievements. Born in a village in North Bedfordshire, she has a dream of going to university and perhaps write a book, but struggles with autism.

Storme – Stephanie – at 18 has her own struggle; she’s trying to break away from an upbringing in a North London estate, an upbringing that no girl should ever experience. Her guardian Ella is far from an ideal foster mother.

These two very different girls, from very different backgrounds, are brought together at university, but with their unusual friendship comes great shock and tragedy. Will a strong bond help Storme and Maria face a world that is often against them? Storme is a revealing and honest dramatisation of what today’s young people have to face.

In Bel Ravenne’s debut novel, the reader will be able to emphasise with both of the girls in some way and will be drawn quickly into this gripping story. Storme is unique in its narrative style; the story is split between a third-person account of Stephanie’s life and first-person journal entries by Maria. Will these two girls grow increasingly able to face realities in this difficult and demanding world? Storme will appeal to female teen readers aged 11-18. Bel has mainly been inspired by Jacqueline Wilson.

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