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Thwarting my Laptop

My tiny hand-me-down laptop gave me the good ole Blue Screen of Death a few weeks ago. I loved working on the thing because, honestly, the screen was so small, it was unpleasant doing just about everything but typing on it. Web surfing was clumsy, and every window I opened was scrunched up and cramped for space. But Word was a wide, open expanse, free of excuses.Then, the BSOD. I made a few attempts to fix it, then passed it…

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Author Interview: Dean F. Wilson

Thank for being here today, Dean! Please tell readers about your path from writer to published author. Thank you for having me, Ashley. I started writing "officially" when I was around 11, but had been doing bits and pieces before that. That was when I began a film script, which then turned into a novel, and then got abandoned for other writing projects. When I was around 13 I created the first draft of a novel called Protos Mythos: Dawn…

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Author Interview: Adrienne Thompson

Q: Thanks for being here today, Adrienne! Please tell readers about your path from writer to published author. I’ve technically been a writer since I was ten, when I attempted to write my first book (which was a rip-off of a Judy Blume book.) I wrote poetry for years and when I was a freshman in college, my English teacher tried to talk me into changing my major to English. Well, I changed it from Biology to Nursing to Education…

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