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The Many Faces of a Writer

Last Sunday, I watched the “In Memoriam” segment of the Emmy’s telecast.Sitting quietly, watching as the faces of many actors and actresses whose work I’ve known faded in and out, I wondered how many of the characters they had played on-screen had resembled, in ways big or small, their own personalities? How many times had a story line reflected their real-life choices and experiences?During the montage, the face that stood out to me the most was Larry Hagman, who brilliantly…

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Writing: The Importance of Word Choice in Translation

For those of you who are fans of Star Trek (or, like me, grew up with a brother who loved all things science fiction), have you ever fantasized about having communication tools like the ones Captain Kirk and his crew had?I have, and I find myself doing it all the more lately.Why? Social media.Daily, the Internet provides readers and writers with the opportunity to connect with new people involved in the book world, and to interact with speakers of many…

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A Writer’s Joy: Meeting a New Fan

Even as an adult I sometimes feel as if I am back in high school. Usually, this is a good feeling (I loved high school), if a little bit bizarre, considering that I’ve long since left my school days behind and moved into the working world.But, as I’ve come to understand, life is a series of overlapping cycles, of beginnings and endings, and what’s old is often new again.For example, deciding to write professionally, choosing Novelist as my new career…

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The Summer of Curveballs

It’s…September?I keep looking at the calendar to confirm that the summer is really over. I guess the gentle fall of the first leaves, the shorter days, and the perfect weather (by D.C. standards) should be proof enough, but neither my eyes nor my mind wants to believe it. Where did summer go? I ask myself as I sit at my desk, my fingers aching from a lack of keyboard exercise.The best analogy I can think of for the place in…

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