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Author Interview: Jonathan Digby

Welcome, Jonathan! Tell us about your background and how you came to be a writer. My background is that I am English, I live in London and I’m an actor and a musician. I wanted to write a book for a long time but couldn’t really decide what to write. I’ve started various writing projects over the years, but never quite found a style or topic which really kept me interested. It was only after I went back to university…

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High school will be a breeze for Jenni Kershaw -- if she lives long enough to enroll, that is. Jenni's ordinary, eighth grade life becomes a thing of the past when her science class goes on a field trip. Armed with only their notebooks, MP3 players, and wits, Jenni and her classmates are unknowingly transported to another world. There they encounter amazing creatures, some of which think a kid shish kebab would be a tasty treat. But they soon find…

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SAVE MY SOUL by K. S. Haigwood

Kendra Larkin had everything going in the right direction. Her life was seemingly perfect, and she wouldn't have changed a thing about it. Unfortunately, the course of her life was about to be forever altered. A tragic rappelling accident lands her on Dr. Adam Chamberlain's operating table. She agrees to a deal proposed by a guardian angel to help save the soul of the man who is both her doctor and soulmate. If she is successful, she gets to keep…

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THE JANUS COMPLEX by Graeme Gibson

The Janus Complex, Book One of the Dark Secrets Trilogy, follows  the growing pains  of a young man (Jamie Raeburn) through all of the complications of life, love, lust, intrigue and violence. Street wise but impetuous he saves the life of an American sailor being brutally attacked in a dark Glasgow alleyway and his life changes completely. Why was Lieutenant Conor Whelan there that fateful night? And what secrets does he keep? Hospitalised with his injuries, Jamie meets and falls in love with Kate Maxwell,…

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The Dumbest Thing I Ever Heard…Is True

In early 2010 I attended an event called “Eat, Love, Write.” It was a fundraiser featuring bestselling author Elizabeth Gilbert and her sister Catherine Gilbert Murdock as the keynote speakers. Catherine is a successful author in her own right—specializing in young adult novels. During the question and answer session, someone asked, “How do I get an agent?” Catherine began to respond practically but then she interrupted herself and said, “Focus on the writing. If a book is meant to be…

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