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THE JANUS COMPLEX by Graeme Gibson

THE JANUS COMPLEX by Graeme Gibson

The Janus Complex, Book One of the Dark Secrets Trilogy, follows  the growing pains  of a young man (Jamie Raeburn) through all of the complications of life, love, lust, intrigue and violence. Street wise but impetuous he saves the life of an American sailor being brutally attacked in a dark Glasgow alleyway and his life changes completely. Why was Lieutenant Conor Whelan there that fateful night? And what secrets does he keep?

Hospitalised with his injuries, Jamie meets and falls in love with Kate Maxwell, an English Nurse working in the Intensive Care Unit. Kate Maxwell too has secrets; secrets she feels she can’t divulge to Jamie and secrets that eventually force her to return to her native England leaving Jamie disillusioned with life.

The action moves to The Midlands of England, Jamie following his first love in the hope of winning her back but his plans go awry when he meets Lucienne Kent (Lucie), half English, half French beauty. By a strange twist Lucie Kent too is a nurse and sees in Jamie a man who can make right all the wrongs she has suffered in her young life. Jamie falls under her spell. But Lucie Kent too harbours dark secrets and she and everyone close to her are in grave danger. Learning Lucie’s secrets, Jamie faces a dilemma of monumental proportions. To save her he will have to kill, and kill, and kill…but can he?

​ Janus, the Two Faced Roman God of Transition and Change sees both the future and the past simultaneously and he alone knows what will become of Jamie. Jamie cannot look back. To look back will affect his future. But what will Jamie Raeburn become, a Knight Errant, essentially good but with a darker side, or just a cold blooded killer? Find out now.

Author Graeme Gibson

Author Graeme Gibson

About Graeme Gibson

November 2013.

What can I say and where do I start? I suppose this is the place where I blow my own trumpet…but I’m a little uncomfortable with that, so I will just stick to facts.

Okay, ​I’m a “baby boomer”, born just after WW2, so I’m no spring chicken but the upside to that is that I’ve gained plenty, and I mean plenty, of experience. Various jobs…I started as a trainee metallurgist, became an engineer, production supervisor, stock control manager and all before going to University to study Law. I was even a Trade Union official in my early twenties (sounds a bit far fetched, I know, but its true) After University I spent almost 30 years practising as a lawyer in Scotland before retiring. Add to that other jobs as a bus driver, beer salesman, book seller, double glazing salesman, taxi driver and wine merchant and you see where the experience comes from. 

I see writing as the natural extension to my career as lawyer but I  wish I had started writing earlier…it’s much more fun!

I spend my life now between my native Scotland and France, where I live in an old (300 plus years old) house in Marne (Champagne). My first novel, The Janus Complex, was published on Amazon in August 2013 and is the first book of a trilogy – Dark Secrets. The second book, Archangel, is well under way and I am hoping that it will be available on Amazon by January/February 2014. I am also working on another book, Web of Evil, and this too should be completed for publication in early 2014. Thereafter, the plan is to concentrate on book three of the Dark Secrets Trilogy which will be published under the working title of “Redemption”.

If you have paid me the compliment of reading this to the end, I thank you. Hopefully, you will like what my writing offers too.

Good reading,

Graeme Gibson.

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  1. where can i buy this book only available on kindle

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