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I’ve Been Set Up!

A guest post by author Thomas Waite: The setting of a novel is critical, particularly for a mystery or thriller. After all, in addition to providing details that enrich the story, the setting can actually assist, or impede, an investigation. Choosing a familiar setting is usually a good idea for a mystery or a thriller because it should directly influence the characters and the plot. When I started writing Terminal Value, I deliberately chose Boston and New York City because…

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Blog Posts: How Old is Too Old?

After an unexpected project, one that took nearly nine months to bring to completion, I am back to doing what I love: writing, blogging, and building. A painfully large backlog of blog posts, book plots, and marketing ideas are raining down on my brain like meteorites from an explosion on Planet Creative. I’m racing to catch all these twinkling ideas before they disappear into orbit. It’s fun. And maybe a little frustrating. Right now, I’m still in sorting mode, trying…

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The Help of Others

A guest post by writer Jessica Loftus: I’ve always thought that the idea of writing being a completely solitary lifestyle was a myth. The act of writing is solitary, not the life of a writer. Especially a fiction writer. For those of us that have the characters in our heads all the time, we wish we were alone sometimes. I have times in the middle of the night where I’m trying to relax and then my characters start having fights.…

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Downsizing To An E-Reader

My family is filled with serious readers. When together, we collect books, trade books, talk books. Even the little humans among us refuse to go to sleep without their favorite stories being read to them. Recently, during an all-hands-on-deck session to help a family member with a move, while packing up about 20 shelves crammed with books, I got to wondering. Remember how, back in the old days (and by “old,” I mean the pre-Kindle days), the worst part about…

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Amazon Vs. Hachette

Let me open this blog post by clearly stating my position: I am not for or against Amazon. I am not for or against Hachette. I am on the side of the marketplace. Sometimes, this is the toughest position to be in. Loyalty pulls in one direction while, often, practicality pulls in another. Consider: I am an avid reader of books. If I find myself in a store that sells books, the odds are overwhelmingly in favor of me leaving…

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