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Free: Short Stories About Love

Free: Short Stories About Love

5 FREE short stories about love! Download them today, Sunday, October 5, 2014, until Midnight Pacific US time.

Each story is 7 – 18 pages. Quick reads, happy endings, and maybe even a few tears!

The Birthday_500x750

THE BIRTHDAY – As a woman gets ready for a party, her kids, her husband, and her memories keep getting in the way.

Reader review: “It’s a very tender, thoughtful reflection of a woman’s life on her birthday. Left me feeling happy, and what’s better than that?”



FAMOUS – A daughter comes to terms with her father’s Alzheimer’s disease.

Reader review: “Ms. Barron walks us through a gruesome world and its devastating carnage with beautiful, and powerful prose. The story shares a daughter’s love for her father and her search for a place in the new reality thrust upon them both. Famous gets 5 stars from this reviewer.”



ZIPPERS – A boy meets a soldier injured in war.

Reader review: “Ms. Barron has a knack, a skill, for writing in a very small number of pages what it takes other writers hundreds of pages to get out.”


The Tree_500x750


THE TREE – On the day they move in together, a newly-engaged woman reflects on how she met her fiancé.

Reader review: “The language is quite lyrical and the subject matter of starting a new path in life highly relatable. As an introspective vignette, this short piece hits the mark.”




THE ANGEL – A dying man looks back at his life and his loves.

Reader review: “A perfect short story. I love it and it was beautiful. I cried like a big baby. Thank you so much.”

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