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About “Cinderella’s Cowboy

Chad Anders doesn’t know why mousy Cynthia Henley trips all over her tongue when she’s around him. Nor does he understand his undeniable attraction to this good girl. Wild and sexy is his type, like the dream-girl he caught a glimpse of years earlier he’s never forgotten.

Cynthia’s superpower is invisibility, especially with men. It’s better for everyone that way. Besides, she’s got a cat. She’s okay. But when playboy-rancher Chad hires her, she’s got a chance to shine. Professionally, at least. Until she learns of his fascination with a mysterious dream-girl, who was actually nothing more than a shy teenager on an ill-advised dare all those years ago. Cynthia knows she’s no man’s dream-girl and never will be.

But there’s magic at the ball. Princesses glow in the starlight, princes appear out of nowhere, and, sometimes, they look a lot like cowboys…

Roxanne Snopek Author

Words About “Cinderella’s Cowboy” from Author Roxanne Snopek

Dear Reader:

It’s tough running the world, isn’t it? Being the one who always keeps the toilet paper stocked and never has time to get sick? Or maybe your version of “good girl” runs more to the dreamy side, believing the best of others, that your turn will come if you keep playing long enough, stay positive, keep cheering.

By definition, it’s “good” to be a “good girl.” We’re self-reliant, empathetic and very strong. But it can also be bad. We run the risk of being overlooked, overworked, underappreciated, underpaid, ignored, taken for granted, passed over. We keep our hands down in class, for fear of being wrong, even though we’re usually right. We hide, rather than be embarrassed.

That, my friends, is not good at all.

The heroine of this story has been a good girl for a long time, without much to show for it. But when a chance to grab that brass ring appears, she reaches out, despite the likelihood of falling on her face, because failure won’t kill her and the risk is worth the reward.

This is my hope for you, dear readers: take chances, risk failure, hold your head and your hands up high and know that the world is yours for the taking, whatever that looks like to you.



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