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A new book release from Miranda Moondawn.

About “Mooniana and the Secret of the Lost Chronicles of Sophia”

In every epoch and age there are a handful of souls who hear the Earth’s voice, hearken to the Muses’s song and drink from the font of the Goddess of Wisdom. These are the poets, artists and visionaries of our world: the creative geniuses like Dante, Milton and Blake, whose inspiration and insights have shaped our cultural memory. Unhappily, with the advent of the modern age the Muse’s song has become silent and the font of the Earth’s Wisdom has begun to dry up. To redress this precarious situation, six of the nine Muses have descended from Olympus to take birth upon the Earth. Their purpose is to re-awaken humanity to the inspiration of the great arts and restore the broken links between gods and men. But, the six Muses are not just daughters of Zeus, they are also the daughters of Mnemosyne, the Goddess of Memory, and the granddaughters of Gaia, Mother Earth herself. And when the Muses discover that their mother and Gaia have a totally different agenda for them than their father Zeus, well it is at this point that their loyalties become divided and everything becomes very bloody and messy.

Find out how in this dramatic and spellbinding new novel by Miranda Moondawn “Mooniana and the Secret of the Lost Chronicles of Sophia.”

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Miranda Moondawn

Romantic Poet, Gnostic Visionary, Witch and Faery Bard: Political Radical, Free Thinker, Androgyne and Mad Soul: How does one describe Miranda Moondawn? From her youth Miranda’s passion for creative writing, music and art, along with her fascination with the philosophical and the spiritual, have always been totally inseparable. Coupled with her study and practise of the esoteric Wisdoms of Hermetic Magicke, Gnosticism and Shaktism, Miranda also nurtures a passion for English Romantic poetry, Greek myth and Hindu and Celtic lore. Many of her major literary and occult influences are from the 19th century: such as Dion Fortune (Moon Magic and The Mystical Qabalah), William Blake (The Marriage of Heaven and Hell and Songs of Innocence and Experience) and George Macdonald (Phantastes and Lilith). At the same time, Miranda’s work is strongly influenced by the hard-line existentialist writers of the post-modern and Magic Realist School, such as Peter Brook (Mahabharata), Salman Rushdie (The Satanic Verses), and Amitav Ghosh (The Calcutta Chromosone). Miranda has also completed a Master’s degree and PhD in Bollywood film and Hindu cultural studies from Copenhagen University. Her field of expertise not only embraces the song and dance genre of Indian cinema, but the ancient Vedic dance and theatre tradition of the Natyashastra and the Rasa-Lila devotional tradition of Gita Govinda and the Srimad Bhagavatam. In her spare time, Miranda plays folk guitar, sings and composes her own songs and music. At present our mad moony Miranda lives in Charlottenlund Denmark, by the sea, with her son Tristan and their fluffy little bichon Shimba. Here, in-between the black and white sparkles of the Moonlit ocean, she hears the Siren’s song in the Kore of her soul and hearkens to the whispers of the Earth, as she writes down all their secrets for her book – MOONIANA AND THE SECRET OF THE LOST CHRONICLES OF SOPHIA.

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