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Blog Content: Using “Outtakes” From Your Novel

  Currently, I’m editing two of my manuscripts. Or, I should say, “pre-editing” these works-in-progress to prepare them for the hand-off to my dear editor. At this stage in my writing process, when I have 80,000+ words written per manuscript, I end up sending entire chapters to the cutting room floor. Watching them fall, knowing how much time, energy, and thought I’ve put into each and every line on those pages, makes it painful to think those scenes will never…

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Who actually wrote that book?

A guest post by Peter Rowlands. Not all writers are gifted when it comes to detail. That's why book editors exist. My understanding is that conventional publishers employ them (partly, anyway) to put the shine on what might have started out as a rough diamond. With the best will in the world, it's one reason why some self-published books miss their mark. Lack of an editor sometimes turns out to equal lack of finesse. But what about those of us…

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Writing the Epic: Take a Tip from the Racetrack

A guest post by Glen Craney. One of the pitfalls to guard against when writing the sweeping historical novel is losing the reader amid a legion of characters. The author becomes so immersed in the research and details that it becomes virtually impossible to understand what it will be like to read the story for the first time. Character rosters at the start of a novel can be helpful, but why require the reader to constantly turn back to refresh…

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Self Publishing – The road to success isn’t paved

A guest post by Jess D. Harpley. Seeing that I have yet to achieve success, I'm not sure I should write this post... but I will anyway. Self publishing is easy. You write the thing, you log in to Amazon, you upload the thing, you press the publish button. Successful self publishing is a nightmare of frustration and heartache. Here's why: 1. If you didn't already have a massive Twitter following, you need to grow one. Much easier said than…

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PHASE SHIFT by Elise Abram

  A guest post by Marla Sherman. EMSA Publishing is thrilled to announce the re-release of Elise Abram’s Phase Shift. In Phase Shift, archaeology professor Molly McBride is given an artifact that is the key to another planet, a doppelganger Earth called Gaia. Life on Gaia seems idyllic at first, but Molly soon learns the Gaians harbour a dark secret. Phase shifting technology, used to travel from their world to ours, has the potential to destroy Gaia, which will have…

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Writing a First Novel: Don’t Give Up

A guest post by Miranda Atchley. I would say one of the hardest things about being an author is dealing with insecurity. When I was writing my first novel, I only told a very few people that were really close to me that I was actually writing a book with plans to publish it. Most of these people had known me all my life and knew it was my dream to become an author. I didn't tell anyone else because…

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Amazon’s Data Mining of Novels

I find data-mining as interesting as the next person. On any given day, you’ll find me clicking into the results of surveys about consumer habits, in any number of categories. I do this for reasons that are as unnecessary as they are ambiguous. Being from Washington, DC, and having cut my political teeth at an early age, I know how much wiggle room – and wishful thinking – is spun into the cloth of marketing data and rankings. So much…

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The Lilac Princess–A Story of Forgiveness

A guest post by Wanda Luthman. In my children’s book, The Lilac Princess, a princess is faced with the dilemma of whether or not she will choose to forgive the dragon that was going to kill her. What would you do? What have you done with the dragons in your life? Forgiveness is not easy. Forgiveness takes a lot of courage. I want to encourage you today to choose bravery by choosing to forgive and begin enjoying happiness and better…

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2 Reasons Why Self-Editing is Hard and 5 Ways You Can Make It Easier

A guest post by Marla Sherman. Having an edited, ready-for-publication manuscript is paramount when searching for a publisher or an agent. Some vanity publishers—like EMSA Publishing—will provide editing in exchange for a percentage of the royalties. Others will provide you with a list of approved editors and ask you to pay from your own pocket for their services. Similarly, when self-publishing, the onus is on you to self-edit and/or hire an editor to get your manuscript up to standards. In…

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Steph Post’s New Author Survival Guide

A guest post by Steph Post. Today marks the one year anniversary of the release of A Tree Born Crooked. The past year has been a roller coaster of a ride, with fortunately more highs and lows, and the learning curve has been steep. In honor of my first book's first birthday, I'm offering a gift of sorts: Steph Post's New Author Survival Guide! (Also known as a list of things that have kept me off the ledge during this…

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