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Self-Published Author Membership Rules for Thriller Writers

Rules for self published authors who want to join International Thriller Writers.

The ITW membership guidelines state: “Qualified Publishers are those which do not contractually obligate their authors to pay for such services as advertising, sales, marketing, editing, or promotion of their books.” How does this impact membership opportunities for self published and indie published authors?


From International Thriller Writers Membership Application:

“With particular regard to self-published books, where there is no publisher beyond the author, any determination of the author being a qualified publisher shall be on a case-by-case basis and such factors as the work itself, the breadth of its marketing, the extent of its distribution, the editorial process, its sales, the author’s personal history, reviews in recognized publications, and any other factor relevant to the particular situation may be considered in making such determination. Self published writers are not automatically excluded from being a qualified publisher, but they bear a higher burden to demonstrate their status.”

For more information, and for a complete list of publishers recognized by International Thriller Writers, click here.


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