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Books and Amazon’s New Third-Party Seller Policy

Recent changes to policies and fees for third-party sellers who sell Media products on the Amazon Marketplace on has elicited questions from book resellers and small presses. Here is a sampling of articles and threads discussing those changes:


“Small publishers in particular are dependent on backlist sales for their livelihood. Amazon is a Herculean player when it comes to backlist sales because bookstores favor front-list books. If you’re looking for a book that’s a year old or more, you’re likely to go to Amazon to find it.”

Read the full article here.


“We sub-divided our analysis into two categories – volume and price.  Volume metrics will reveal whether sellers are entering or exiting the market, and price metrics will help us visualize how the fee increases will impact the overall market.  Will the opportunities to find and flip profitable books be better, worse, or remain unchanged?  Let’s find out!”

Read the full article here.


“Starting in late Q1 2017, eligible sellers will be able to compete for the Buy Box for Books in new condition. The Buy Box is the display on the product detail page with the Add to Cart button that customers can use to add items to their shopping carts. When one of your listed items appears as the default on the product detail page, you win the Buy Box, which can increase your chances of selling that item. To compete for the Buy Box, both your selling account and your listed item must be eligible. Becoming eligible to compete for the Buy Box doesn’t guarantee that you will win it.”

Read the full article here.


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