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AVA, a Priya Novel

AVA a love story and thriller by Ashley Barron

Here, in Washington, some love stories are hastily told. Rushed through to fulfill an obligation and then left behind – forgotten – in the ruins of what once was, or might have been.

Other stories are simmered and savored, then brought to a boil, time and again, to extract the richness of each tasty detail, and shared with anyone who cares to partake.

That’s just life in a political town.

But this story, this tangle of events and outcomes, of love and mystery, is more than the Priyas had believed possible.

This love story begins on a hot August day, a month when the city moves at a lazy, longed-for pace. A month during which nothing ever happens.

Ava’s story opens twenty years after she and seven other girls gathered at her house to swear allegiance to their newly-formed Priya Club.

As children, they couldn’t have known the critical roles they would come to play in one another’s lives as, year after year, they honored their pact.

Yes, they will challenge each other’s choice and ideas as much as any collection of old friends would, perhaps more. But during those critical times when one of their own is at her weakest and most vulnerable, they stand with her as she faces her darkest moments.

Together, they always make it through. Together, they are unbreakable.

Or so they have always believed.

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