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Many self-published authors, indie authors, and writers invest time and resources creating blog posts to connect with readers. Keep reading if you are an author and/or blogger who posts about:


Attracting an increase in blog traffic can be challenging! As a result, many insightful, valuable blog posts do not get the opportunity to connect with the full readership they deserve.

The Guest Post column on is for authors and writers to share blog posts they’ve written about their experiences (both positive and learning) with researching and writing a book, publishing that book, marketing that book, and all related experiences.

Indie Book Week welcomes submissions from unpublished writers, self-published authors, indie authors, and traditionally-published authors.

Our goal with inviting authors and writers as guest posters on the Indie Book Week website is to help increase the potential number of readers a blog post can reach. Indie Book Week does not assert that if an author or writer’s blog post is selected for the Guest Post column, that author or writer’s blog will receive an increase in visitors.

Markets and readers are fickle. However, a re-posting here is likely to bring new readers into contact with an author or writer’s work.

This GUEST POST SUBMISSIONS form is for writers and authors who would like to submit original posts they have already published on their blogs to Indie Book Week for consideration as a re-post in the Guest Post column on Selections chosen for re-posting on the site are the sole discretion of Indie Book Week.