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Authors, You Need A Blog!

On Sundays, I carve out a few hours to focus on the work-related items that continuously inhabit the bottom rows of my to-do list. These items play a role within my overall marketing plan, but are not time sensitive. Most of the tasks fall into the “fun” category, which, for me, almost always involves outreach and communication. This week, I chose to visit the websites and blogs of my Twitter community members. Easily, 75% of these tweeps are directly related…

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Blog Content: Using “Outtakes” From Your Novel

  Currently, I’m editing two of my manuscripts. Or, I should say, “pre-editing” these works-in-progress to prepare them for the hand-off to my dear editor. At this stage in my writing process, when I have 80,000+ words written per manuscript, I end up sending entire chapters to the cutting room floor. Watching them fall, knowing how much time, energy, and thought I’ve put into each and every line on those pages, makes it painful to think those scenes will never…

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Blog Posts: How Old is Too Old?

After an unexpected project, one that took nearly nine months to bring to completion, I am back to doing what I love: writing, blogging, and building. A painfully large backlog of blog posts, book plots, and marketing ideas are raining down on my brain like meteorites from an explosion on Planet Creative. I’m racing to catch all these twinkling ideas before they disappear into orbit. It’s fun. And maybe a little frustrating. Right now, I’m still in sorting mode, trying…

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Blog Readers: International Mystery

When I say the words “international mystery” I’m not referring to MHz’s excellent line-up of detective shows featuring Montalbano, Van Veeteren, Wallander and Maigret. Nor does this post focus on those case-cracking inspectors, Morse, Lewis, and Lynley, brought to life on the small screen courtesy of BBC. Instead, I am using the word international to summarize the list of countries from which my sites have been accessed.  In alphabetical order, they are: Australia Canada China France Germany India Indonesia Israel…

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Blogging: Too Much Information (TMI)

Over the past few years, I’ve come across an increasing number of posts from people who share a lot of private stories on their blogs.  I’m all grown up and I’ve lived a reasonably interesting life, yet I still find myself surprised when bloggers write personal, sensitive information that isn’t even about them—it’s about someone they know. When I set up my own blog last June, I was completely unaware that the coming summer would be a non-stop series of…

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Starting a Blog: Oh, Daddy!

Twelve weeks ago, I self-published my first short story collection, Love + Family.  I was downright giddy seeing my words, my characters, my happy endings right there on the screen of my very own Kindle. It was tough to tuck that euphoria aside and to settle myself back into business mode, but I had to do it. The journey was only beginning. This past spring, when I was developed my publishing plan, I decided to first launch Love + Family…

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