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Force Touch on the iPhone 6S could change the way you launch apps

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Dale Webster takes a break after 14642 consecutive days

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Kickstarter Author Blake Northcott Interview

"People are surprised that I’m a full-time author. I just had Thanksgiving here in Canada last weekend, and even my family are like, “How do you make a living at this?” and ask all sorts of questions about it. Some are skeptical, others are just fascinated."

Historical Author Jonathan Digby Interview

Indie author Jonathan Digby, writer of historical fiction set in Elizabethan times, joins IndieBookWeek.com today for an interview. Welcome, Jonathan! Tell us about your background and how you came to be a writer. My background is that I am English, I live in London and I’m an actor and a musician. I wanted to write a book for a long time but couldn’t really decide what to write. I’ve started various writing projects over the years, but never quite found a style or topic which really kept me interested. It was only after I went back to university to study archaeology in my 30s that I hit on the idea of writing an historic crime novel. In terms of my other pursuits, I have a career as an actor in the United Kingdom and I have my own indie band – Boxgrove Pseudomorph – which is a bit of a si...

Bookworm and Author Kate LeDonne Interview

"I encourage writers to make it about the work, and doing your best work. Detach. It's not about you. It's about the work. Let go and see what happens. You can always change your mind and put things back in."

Supernatural Author Micheal Rivers Interview

Last time IndieBookWeek.com checked in with you, Micheal, you were working on Verliege plus six other new manuscripts. Six! Which of those books have been published? Have you ventured into any new writing territory since then? First, let me congratulate you on your new site! Verliege and Appalachia Mountain Folklore were released. Thanks to the readers, I am proud to say Verliege was voted 2012 Supernatural Book of the Year by Turning the Pages. The other books are still in the works and coming along nicely. I have one that is out of my genre and is based on an actual person. Needless to say names and places have been substituted to protect him and any others involved in his ventures. I think the readers will find it very interesting. How have your social media habits evolved or changed ov...

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