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Amazon’s Data Mining of Novels

I find data-mining as interesting as the next person. On any given day, you’ll find me clicking into the results of surveys about consumer habits, in any number of categories. I do this for reasons that are as unnecessary as they are ambiguous. Being from Washington, DC, and having cut my political teeth at an early age, I know how much wiggle room – and wishful thinking – is spun into the cloth of marketing data and rankings. So much…

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Independent Bookstore Day is Here!

Writers need readers. Writers are readers. Readers need books. This Saturday, April 29th, keep your book buying local and participate in Independent Bookstore Day. The event is nationwide and many small shops are participating. New books, old books, traditionally published, indie published – it’s all out there and yours for the buying. If you’ve been saving up to splurge on a stack of new reading material, now is the time, book lovers. As writers, we never know what experience will…

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Finding that Happy Ending

More and more, as a reader, I find myself searching for something new. This has less to do with branching out into genres I haven’t yet explored and more to do with wanting the old and familiar to suddenly feel fresh and inspired. More zip? More zing? Is that what’s missing for me? I don’t know. What I do know is that my voracious appetite for reading is slowing down. I’m not alone. There are many out there like me,…

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Storytelling and the Campfire

I notice as I comb through the self-published e-books on Amazon that a good number of the offerings are autobiographies. Non-fiction. People writing about their own lives and experiences. About their own adventures, misfortunes, and triumphs. It occurs to me that perhaps the meteoric rise in self-published works has turned the Kindle into the modern campfire. Only, instead of sitting together, elbows and knees touching, with firelight twinkling upon eager faces as those gathered wait for the storyteller to begin,…

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The Twitterverse

When I joined Twitter nine days ago, my motivations did not include an unyielding desire to rule the Twitterverse with poignant one-liners while inundating my followers with links to the most influential blogs, articles, and ideas in the self-publishing stratosphere. >I’ve since changed. Three days ago I experienced my first conversation on Twitter.  (With eHarmony.  Go figure.)  Anyway, it went a little something like this: Me:  Imagine for a moment that #eHarmony or #JDate or #Match let singles post reviews after going on dates…

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