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Independent Bookstore Day is Here!

Writers need readers. Writers are readers. Readers need books. This Saturday, April 29th, keep your book buying local and participate in Independent Bookstore Day. The event is nationwide and many small shops are participating. New books, old books, traditionally published, indie published – it’s all out there and yours for the buying. If you’ve been saving up to splurge on a stack of new reading material, now is the time, book lovers. As writers, we never know what experience will…

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The Help of Others

A guest post by writer Jessica Loftus: I’ve always thought that the idea of writing being a completely solitary lifestyle was a myth. The act of writing is solitary, not the life of a writer. Especially a fiction writer. For those of us that have the characters in our heads all the time, we wish we were alone sometimes. I have times in the middle of the night where I’m trying to relax and then my characters start having fights.…

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Downsizing To An E-Reader

My family is filled with serious readers. When together, we collect books, trade books, talk books. Even the little humans among us refuse to go to sleep without their favorite stories being read to them. Recently, during an all-hands-on-deck session to help a family member with a move, while packing up about 20 shelves crammed with books, I got to wondering. Remember how, back in the old days (and by “old,” I mean the pre-Kindle days), the worst part about…

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I am my characters

People often comment on how “real” my characters are and they ask me how I create such believable heroines. I suppose it is because most of my work is grounded in reality. My characters are not me but some of their struggles, particularly with men, come from my own struggles—even if I don’t realize it until after the book is released. Take for instance, Stephanie Cohen in Just Friends with Benefits. Stephanie is an attractive, intelligent, funny and interesting woman…

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Kate LeDonne

"I encourage writers to make it about the work, and doing your best work. Detach. It's not about you. It's about the work. Let go and see what happens. You can always change your mind and put things back in."
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Spanx Me, NaNoWriMo!

Forget “March Madness.” Instead, make it “March Marketing Madness.” As part of all this basketball craziness, I recently filled out my bracket for the family pool. I’m not doing well; I think even my sister-in-law’s grandmother is ahead of me. Still, there is value in participating in creative activities outside of one’s normal comfort zone, and staring at all those match-ups got me thinking about business. In “March Marketing Madness,” the sports teams are replaced by companies. The purpose of…

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The New Romance Aisle: Lover’s Lane at Lowe’s

Who says a trip to the hardware store can’t be romantic? Not me!Not any of my friends, either, as it turns out.Over the summer, couple after couple pointed out to me (in unrelated conversations) that once they had settled down, they spent far more time together going out to hardware stores than going out to restaurants.To a one, my friends joked that “date night” had evolved from stolen kisses and candle-lit dinners into Friday night trips to the hardware store,…

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A Writer’s Joy: Meeting a New Fan

Even as an adult I sometimes feel as if I am back in high school. Usually, this is a good feeling (I loved high school), if a little bit bizarre, considering that I’ve long since left my school days behind and moved into the working world.But, as I’ve come to understand, life is a series of overlapping cycles, of beginnings and endings, and what’s old is often new again.For example, deciding to write professionally, choosing Novelist as my new career…

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The Summer of Curveballs

It’s…September?I keep looking at the calendar to confirm that the summer is really over. I guess the gentle fall of the first leaves, the shorter days, and the perfect weather (by D.C. standards) should be proof enough, but neither my eyes nor my mind wants to believe it. Where did summer go? I ask myself as I sit at my desk, my fingers aching from a lack of keyboard exercise.The best analogy I can think of for the place in…

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Blogging and Twitter: The Guide

Are you thinking about starting a blog, but you’re not sure where to begin? Do you have a blog, but its not getting many hits? Is Twitter a mystery to you? Perhaps, you’ve written a novel or opened a small business, and you want to find ways to use a blog to connect with a broader audience of potential readers and customers. Zero to One Million Blog Hits in One Year explains the basics of developing blog content and marketing…

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