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A LOVE THAT NEVER TIRES by Allyson Jeleyne

About "A Love That Never Tires" Linley Talbot-Martin is a girl who likes to get her hands dirty. As the daughter of a famous archaeologist, she’s been everywhere and seen everything—except London. When the Talbot-Martin team travels there for her father’s investiture, Linley finally gets her wish. But when the time comes to trade her jodhpurs and work boots for silk gowns and kid gloves, she may be in over her head. Even though she can out-ride, out-shoot, and outsmart…

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About "His Captive Princess" Earned respect is sweet…but deserved revenge is sweeter. Warren de Tracy was assured the Welsh village of Dinefwr would be an easy conquest, as would the widow of its fallen prince. Wedding her will appease the locals and win the respect of his liege, the usurper King Stephen. Instead, Warren is ambushed, taken prisoner by a hooded Welshwoman with skin that glows like moonlight. If he must die at her hands, at least his honorable death…

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 Reflections The last few days have been, to say the least, quite eventful and exciting. As I sit here in my office, (built by the world’s most wonderful husband), I am thinking about how much my life has changed in the past eighteen months, five years, ten years, and I am just in awe of it all.Ten years ago, I was adding two cans of water to a can of chicken soup to make it stretch. If we had crackers to…

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Guest Starring in a Novel

Recently, I wrote a blog post containing ideas about how real estate agents and self-published authors could work together to sell houses and stories, respectively. Maybe the idea is a little far out, admittedly, but it does present an interesting way to connect two industries that currently operate in different areas of the marketplace.Brainstorming about creative marketing strategies for self-published authors is an intensely satisfying pursuit, and one that often yields unexpected fruit. When it comes to passing those ideas…

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Author Interview: Sarah Sundin

The interview series with authors in my Twitter community continues with Sarah Sundin. Happy reading! Website: www.sarahsundin.comTwitter: @sarahsundinQ: What is your genre? Why did you choose it?SS: I write Christian historical romance. All my story ideas originate with the romance, so I guess the genre picked me. I ended up writing historicals because the concept for A Distant Melody didn’t work in a contemporary setting. The World War II era has always appealed to me, so that was a logical choice.Q:…

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