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Free: Short Stories About Love

5 FREE short stories about love! Download them today, Sunday, October 5, 2014, until Midnight Pacific US time.Each story is 7 - 18 pages. Quick reads, happy endings, and maybe even a few tears!THE BIRTHDAY – As a woman gets ready for a party, her kids, her husband, and her memories keep getting in the way.Reader review: “It's a very tender, thoughtful reflection of a woman's life on her birthday. Left me feeling happy, and what's better than that?” FAMOUS –…

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Remembering (How To) Love

 When I decided to write a novel, a love story was the natural choice. It seems that anything I write, including short stories and poems, ends up being about love. So why fight it?I often wonder if the act of loving is an ability, an inclination, a talent, or a Heaven-sent gift. Maybe it’s a combination. I also wonder why some people excel at love – at the process of growing and nurturing love – while others fail, miserably.Yes, I…

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What I’m Learning About Love

Does an author fall in love with the characters, with the quirks and settings, every time he or she writes a new novel or short story?I do.Sometimes as I first set my fingers on the keyboard, I find myself thinking about the relationship between two characters and wondering what their future holds, and how, or if, they will ultimately find that precious stretch of common ground we identify as happiness.Love is sweet, tantalizing, ever-luring in its quest to completely overtake…

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How To Make A Memory

We’ve all experienced it. That moment a song unexpectedly comes on the radio, or over a store’s speakers, and we are swiftly pulled back into a memory so strong we feel like travelers to the future when we snap back to the present.It has happened to me, many times in many places. I figure it’s the same for every person who has ever loved. I figure there is a song, perhaps more than one, playing in the background as we…

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