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Blog Content: Using “Outtakes” From Your Novel

  Currently, I’m editing two of my manuscripts. Or, I should say, “pre-editing” these works-in-progress to prepare them for the hand-off to my dear editor. At this stage in my writing process, when I have 80,000+ words written per manuscript, I end up sending entire chapters to the cutting room floor. Watching them fall, knowing how much time, energy, and thought I’ve put into each and every line on those pages, makes it painful to think those scenes will never…

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Amazon’s Data Mining of Novels

I find data-mining as interesting as the next person. On any given day, you’ll find me clicking into the results of surveys about consumer habits, in any number of categories. I do this for reasons that are as unnecessary as they are ambiguous. Being from Washington, DC, and having cut my political teeth at an early age, I know how much wiggle room – and wishful thinking – is spun into the cloth of marketing data and rankings. So much…

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Spanx Me, NaNoWriMo!

Forget “March Madness.” Instead, make it “March Marketing Madness.” As part of all this basketball craziness, I recently filled out my bracket for the family pool. I’m not doing well; I think even my sister-in-law’s grandmother is ahead of me. Still, there is value in participating in creative activities outside of one’s normal comfort zone, and staring at all those match-ups got me thinking about business. In “March Marketing Madness,” the sports teams are replaced by companies. The purpose of…

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The New Romance Aisle: Lover’s Lane at Lowe’s

Who says a trip to the hardware store can’t be romantic? Not me!Not any of my friends, either, as it turns out.Over the summer, couple after couple pointed out to me (in unrelated conversations) that once they had settled down, they spent far more time together going out to hardware stores than going out to restaurants.To a one, my friends joked that “date night” had evolved from stolen kisses and candle-lit dinners into Friday night trips to the hardware store,…

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Writing: The Importance of Word Choice in Translation

For those of you who are fans of Star Trek (or, like me, grew up with a brother who loved all things science fiction), have you ever fantasized about having communication tools like the ones Captain Kirk and his crew had?I have, and I find myself doing it all the more lately.Why? Social media.Daily, the Internet provides readers and writers with the opportunity to connect with new people involved in the book world, and to interact with speakers of many…

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Updated Author Interview: Micheal Rivers

Last time we checked in with you, Micheal, you were working on Verliege plus six other new manuscripts. Six! Which of those books have been published? Have you ventured into any new writing territory since then? Micheal Rivers: First, let me congratulate you on your new site! Verliege and Appalachia Mountain Folklore were released. Thanks to the readers, I am proud to say Verliege was voted 2012 Supernatural Book of the Year by Turning the Pages. The other books are…

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Blogging and Twitter: The Guide

Are you thinking about starting a blog, but you’re not sure where to begin? Do you have a blog, but its not getting many hits? Is Twitter a mystery to you? Perhaps, you’ve written a novel or opened a small business, and you want to find ways to use a blog to connect with a broader audience of potential readers and customers. Zero to One Million Blog Hits in One Year explains the basics of developing blog content and marketing…

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Book Marketing: The Genuine Article

I buy books all the time, both paid and free, both paper and electronic. It generally takes me months and months to start a novel once it has found a home on my Kindle or my bookshelf. Part of the reason it takes so long is the sheer volume of writers I’ve come to know through social media. The other part is my determination to read every one of their books while keeping up with my favorite traditionally published authors,…

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Are M.B.A.’s A Thing Of The Past?

Probably not. But there is a new category on the business education horizon. It’s something I like to call a M.S.P.B.A. or, a Master’s of Self-Publishing Businessperson Author. Want one? No problem. It is offered exclusively by the figurative School of Life, a physically non-existent place that is open to all entrepreneurial-minded people willing to walk hand-in-hand with risk, exhilaration, and patience, on the road less traveled. Do you need an education to self-publish? Yes. Must it be a formal…

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Marketing: Quotes About Life

In honor of today being the thirteenth—a lucky number in our family—I thought I’d send out the next installment of TwitterQuest a little early. The only thing more exciting than watching the number of Twitter followers rise is reading what they have to say. Below, I have listed some of my favorite tweets from people I follow.  Each day, I find it fascinating to read the ideas, advice, humor, and the just plain bizarre from the Twitterverse. @HarmonyAnnEvans Harmony Evans…

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