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Storme by Bel Ravenne

 About Storme:This is the story of two girls; ordinary, but with their own individual traits. Every girl has to express her individuality some way, and these two are no exception.Maria is not afraid of growing up; she’s only concerned with how she’ll make her mother proud of her achievements. Born in a village in North Bedfordshire, she has a dream of going to university and perhaps write a book, but struggles with autism. Storme – Stephanie – at 18 has…

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A River Moves Forward by Selena Haskins

"A River Moves Forward" synopsis: Connie Morris grows up in Chicago’s Cabrini Green projects, and suffers abuse from her father. When tragedy strikes the family, Connie is "virtually" the last survivor, and ends up homeless until an unexpected hobby leads to fortune and fame. At the peak of her career, someone from her past tries to destroy everything she has worked hard for. Connie could possibly lose it all, including herself. On the other side of Chicago is Dean Wilson,…

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Cailin by Rosalind Scarlett

 About Cailin:A love which transcends existence . . .It is the year 1702.  Aislinn, the daughter of a sheep farmer in western Ireland, is a tenacious redheaded lass who has NO intention of ever settling into the dutiful roles of marriage and motherhood demanded of her by her father.  The only thing she has ever wanted is to pursue her dreams of being a professional fiddler, and that is fully what she intends to do— with or without the blessing of her…

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When Ravens Fall by Matilda Wren

Book Summary: Essex isn't just about the glamour. Away from the ditzy charm, fake tan and false eyelashes, lays a hidden world of drugs, carnage and violence, run by the bad boys and hardened men. A dark, gritty tale of the rise of a modern gangster, how he came to be and how his extreme actions effect his friends, family, lovers and perceived enemies. Author Info: Having long held an interest in human behaviour, in particular abnormal or anti-social conduct and…

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