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Independent Bookstore Day is Here!

Writers need readers. Writers are readers. Readers need books. This Saturday, April 29th, keep your book buying local and participate in Independent Bookstore Day. The event is nationwide and many small shops are participating. New books, old books, traditionally published, indie published – it’s all out there and yours for the buying. If you’ve been saving up to splurge on a stack of new reading material, now is the time, book lovers. As writers, we never know what experience will…

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Storytelling and the Campfire

I notice as I comb through the self-published e-books on Amazon that a good number of the offerings are autobiographies. Non-fiction. People writing about their own lives and experiences. About their own adventures, misfortunes, and triumphs. It occurs to me that perhaps the meteoric rise in self-published works has turned the Kindle into the modern campfire. Only, instead of sitting together, elbows and knees touching, with firelight twinkling upon eager faces as those gathered wait for the storyteller to begin,…

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Writing: The Importance of Word Choice in Translation

For those of you who are fans of Star Trek (or, like me, grew up with a brother who loved all things science fiction), have you ever fantasized about having communication tools like the ones Captain Kirk and his crew had?I have, and I find myself doing it all the more lately.Why? Social media.Daily, the Internet provides readers and writers with the opportunity to connect with new people involved in the book world, and to interact with speakers of many…

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A Writer’s Joy: Meeting a New Fan

Even as an adult I sometimes feel as if I am back in high school. Usually, this is a good feeling (I loved high school), if a little bit bizarre, considering that I’ve long since left my school days behind and moved into the working world.But, as I’ve come to understand, life is a series of overlapping cycles, of beginnings and endings, and what’s old is often new again.For example, deciding to write professionally, choosing Novelist as my new career…

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Fan Celebration Day, December 1, 2012

I believe it is reasonable to assert that most writers started out as readers.The serious kind. The wallet-draining kind.It is a state of bliss, reading, and one that is always as accessible as the nearest good book. Some novels deliver a new friendship to the reader in the form of a beloved character. Others introduce new worlds, ideas, or ways of living.Often, hope is found in the pages of a novel. Inspiration might be there, too. Even renewal of a…

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Marketing a Novel: Single And Looking

Dating. Ah yes, that powerful, ageless word. These days, friends, relatives, neighbors, even co-workers might send a link to a Facebook page, or a blog, or networking group, or dating site, with the wonderful goal of helping the unattached among us connect with others who are also single and looking. Imagine for a moment that eHarmony or JDate or Match offered singles the opportunity to post reviews after going on dates with other members.  If you were considering setting up a date of your own, would those reviews influence your decision of whether…

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