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A Writer’s Joy: Meeting a New Fan

Even as an adult I sometimes feel as if I am back in high school. Usually, this is a good feeling (I loved high school), if a little bit bizarre, considering that I’ve long since left my school days behind and moved into the working world.But, as I’ve come to understand, life is a series of overlapping cycles, of beginnings and endings, and what’s old is often new again.For example, deciding to write professionally, choosing Novelist as my new career…

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The Summer of Curveballs

It’s…September?I keep looking at the calendar to confirm that the summer is really over. I guess the gentle fall of the first leaves, the shorter days, and the perfect weather (by D.C. standards) should be proof enough, but neither my eyes nor my mind wants to believe it. Where did summer go? I ask myself as I sit at my desk, my fingers aching from a lack of keyboard exercise.The best analogy I can think of for the place in…

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Remembering (How To) Love

 When I decided to write a novel, a love story was the natural choice. It seems that anything I write, including short stories and poems, ends up being about love. So why fight it?I often wonder if the act of loving is an ability, an inclination, a talent, or a Heaven-sent gift. Maybe it’s a combination. I also wonder why some people excel at love – at the process of growing and nurturing love – while others fail, miserably.Yes, I…

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Prepping For My New Blog

Today has been interesting. I think I’ve turned a corner and finally conquered a major task that has eluded completion since I first realized it needed to be done.For the past few months, I’ve been working myself into a frenzy of concern and trepidation at the thought of upgrading my “starter” blog to a beautiful and modern new format.After weeks of searching hundreds of WordPress sites, analyzing them, envisioning my own version, deciding to move forward with an idea, then…

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Twitter, My Darling

A year ago, I knew nothing about you, Twitter. And now you are the darling of my social media world.At first I was a little scared of you. Your reputation is one of unpredictable power, and I was worried, quite reasonably, that I would be lost in your endless seas.And then there are those hash tags – your courtiers – proving to us, time and again, the reach of your reign.“The other kids are doing it” is a phrase that…

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