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Steph Post’s New Author Survival Guide

A guest post by Steph Post. Today marks the one year anniversary of the release of A Tree Born Crooked. The past year has been a roller coaster of a ride, with fortunately more highs and lows, and the learning curve has been steep. In honor of my first book's first birthday, I'm offering a gift of sorts: Steph Post's New Author Survival Guide! (Also known as a list of things that have kept me off the ledge during this…

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Author Interview: Vivien Jones

Author Vivien Jones Welcome, Vivien! Tell us about your background and how you came to be a writer.  I’m a middle child of three, born into a Naval family in 1948. I was an early and avid reader. By the time I was 10 years old I was an avid story writer too and this continued long into my teens when I wrote impassioned and probably quite dreadful poetry and short stories. Then was a gap for left wing politics,…

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What I’m Learning About Love

Does an author fall in love with the characters, with the quirks and settings, every time he or she writes a new novel or short story?I do.Sometimes as I first set my fingers on the keyboard, I find myself thinking about the relationship between two characters and wondering what their future holds, and how, or if, they will ultimately find that precious stretch of common ground we identify as happiness.Love is sweet, tantalizing, ever-luring in its quest to completely overtake…

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Are M.B.A.’s A Thing Of The Past?

Probably not. But there is a new category on the business education horizon. It’s something I like to call a M.S.P.B.A. or, a Master’s of Self-Publishing Businessperson Author. Want one? No problem. It is offered exclusively by the figurative School of Life, a physically non-existent place that is open to all entrepreneurial-minded people willing to walk hand-in-hand with risk, exhilaration, and patience, on the road less traveled. Do you need an education to self-publish? Yes. Must it be a formal…

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Publishing Novels: There Is Money To Be Made. So Make It.

Q: How would I define the PIY (Publish-It-Yourself) author? A: Four parts fearless, three parts writer, two parts entrepreneur, and one part dreamer -- with a sprinkle of pioneer spirit thrown in for good measure. While self-publishing a novel does begin with the work of a writer, it is actually a business.  A small business.  A start-up business.  A messy, complicated, time-absorbing business located in unchartered territory offering up no guarantees of any kind. That’s where the fearless part comes in. The exploding…

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